Vodka Box: The Decision Edition

 What’s in the box?


○ A full bottle of French produced Decision Vodka.
○ Two flavours of Fever-Tree mixers, Ginger Ale & Mediterranean Tonic.
○ Snacks from amazing, independent producers. The Drinks Bakery return in our Christmas Edition, because they’re amazing. You will also find a bag of luxury Brown Bag Crisps.


The Vodka

One 70cl bottle of Decision Vodka .

Decision Vodka is distilled in Cognac, France. On the nose it’s led by it’s aromatic delicacy with a hint of Bison grass & tarragon. The palate reveals a natural bitterness followed by a freshness of spice and wheat which is expressed by it’s mineral purity. 


The Mixers

Two bottles of Fever-Tree’s premium tonics. Our mixologists have chosen Ginger Ale and Mediterranean Tonic. This ultra-premium tonic is the perfect base for any cocktail and really highlight the quality of the mixer with its mineral purity. 


The Snacks

Brown Bag Crisps are a real treat, they explode with flavour and are produced in a sustainable manner. We also have the return of the amazing Drinks Biscuits by The Drinks Bakery.