Vodka Box: The Durham Edition

 What’s in the box?

Taste Club Vodka Box

○ A full bottle of craft produced Durham Vodka.
○ Two flavours of Merchant’s Heart’s spirit enhancers, Ginger Ale & Pink Peppercorn.
○ Snacks from artisan brands and producers who put passion into their products. Belazu produce fantastic products for the best restaurants and hotels in the country, and their Socca Nut Mix is no different, you’ll receive two bags of these. You’ll also receive 2 packs of luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire Crisps.
○  Our great find is Quinteassentials Cleanse Tea.
○ A recipe card from one of the UK’s leading chefs to pair with your drink. This edition it’s Jason Atherton.
○ A cocktail card from our resident mixologists.
○ A 100-page copy of Savour Magazine, featuring more recipes.
○  A copy of KANPAi – perfect for drink makers and enthusiasts.

Bottle of Durham Vodka

The Vodka

One 70cl bottle of Durham Vodka .

Durham Vodka is triple distilled and slow filtered in small batches to give it its distinct taste.  On the nose, it’s neutral and clean with just a hint of sweetness. The palate is smooth, with no harsh alcohol burn, and just a tiny bit of natural vanilla sweetness

Bottles of Merchant’s Heart: Pink Peppercorn Tonic and Ginger Ale

The Mixers

Two bottles of Merchant’s Heart: Pink Peppercorn Tonic and Ginger Ale (200ml each).

Merchant’s Heart make spirit enhancers. Every flavour in the collection is designed to perfectly complement premium spirits, and elevate drink-making and drinking to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Our Taste Club masters of mixology have perfectly paired Durham Vodka with the Ginger Ale and Pink Peppercorn Tonic. 

Create a Moscow Mule with vodka and ginger and add mint and peppercorns to your G&T for a refreshing twist. 

The contents of Taste Club's Vodka Box

The Snacks

Belazu are big on flavour. Most Michelin-starred restaurants or five-star hotels stock the nuts, which are made in small batches by hand. 

Belazu give the consistently excellent standard that chefs are looking for – and now you can try their mixes at home. 

As well as two packets of Belazu Socca Nuts, there are two bags of luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire crisps to tuck into to. They’re seriously moreish. 


Close up of the contents of Taste Club's Vodka Box

The Recipe Card

From spicy sausages with basil mayonnaise to the best ever guacamole, the recipes from our chefs are easy-to-make and fuss-free. 

They’re tried and tested, will take you no longer than 20 minutes and are super delicious.


Cleanse Tea from Quinteasential

Great Finds

Everyone loves a surprise and our great finds are always something that have blown us away. In every edition of the box, you’ll receive a great find – something we love that we want you to try too.

From award-winning unique teas and healthy blends from a London tea sommelier to biscuits that pair with a G&T, we’ll bring you the most exciting products in food and drink so you can tuck into them, too. Some will even be brand new and exclusive to Taste Club members.

Savour Magazine - Taste Club

And There’s More …

Every edition we will also be teaming up with Savour Magazine – the UK’s best food, drink and travel magazine. Tuck into tasty features from chefs, restauranters, mixologists and food producers and make even more food and drink recipes at home.