The Drinks Bakery

Andy Murray who runs The Drinks Bakery

Andy Murray

He started baking at 10, was a decent cook by 14 and a sommelier by 19. Now Andy Murray runs a biscuit empire.

The founder of The Drinks Bakery, Andy has a range of savoury biscuits which perfectly complement all of Britain’s favourite tipples – including gin, whisky, beer and wine. And he even won over Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones on Dragons’ Den with his savoury snacks range, which features pecorino, rosemary and Scottish seaweed to pair with a G&T.

Andy grew up in Sunderland with a food and drink-obsessed family. Together, they travelled Europe in a campervan every summer, eating in cafes, bars and brasseries.

Andy continues to eat and drink his way around the world, fuelling his desire to create a more thoughtful link between the worlds of craft, premium drinks and the common snack.

His range features parmesan toasted pine nuts and basil, which work wonderfully with Champagne, Prosecco, fruity white wines and blonde beer.

The Lancashire Cheese and Spring Onion, the perfect partner for dry white wines, Speyside Whisky and hoppy IPA, stout and pilsner.

For Malbec, Riesling, barrel-aged beer, cider and peaty Islay Whisky, the Mature Cheddar Chilli and Almond is a match made in heaven.