The Couples Box

 What’s in the box?


○ Two 70cl bottles of your choice from St Mary’s Gin, Rum or Vodka. Choose two of 1 spirit or mix and match to suit your taste!

○ Four bottles of perfectly paired mixers from the fantastic Artisan Drinks Co.

○ Snacks from artisan brands and producers who put passion into their products. You’ll receive 3 packets of Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, featuring two of their amazing flavour range. You will also receive 2 packets of luxury Brown Bag Crisps.

○ Put your tasting powers to the test with our Tasting Notes, we’ll show you every palate is different and see how you compare to the distillers notes. We’ll give you a card each.

○ Add the optional extra of our virtual tasting session, showing you how to taste the spirits in your own home – and in your own time.


The Spirits


St Mary’s Gin

St Mary’s Gin is packed with secrets: juniper laced with spice of coriander, a refreshing zing from fresh grapefruit and cassis that leaves waves of lingering warmth.


St Mary’s Rum

St. Mary’s Rum uses Caribbean Rum from Guyana and hand selected premium flavours, with notes of spice, blood orange, toffee, caramel and vanilla.


St Mary’s Vodka

St Mary’s Vodka uses pure British grain spirit and fresh grapefruit. Its purity on the palate makes it the perfect base for any vodka cocktail and it will light up any occasion.


The Mixers

“Why blend when you can stand out?” is the ethos of The Artisan Drinks Co. Not only will these bottles look fabulous on your drinks trolley and at home bars, they are also made to enhance spirits. All the products in the range are made with 100% natural ingredients, offer unique flavour combinations and complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients. In your Taste Club Spring Experience Box, we feature two bottles that are made to marry with St Mary’s.


The Snacks

As well as firm favourites, Brown Bag Crisps, which have been that popular with our customers that we’ve kept them in this box, we have some new treats for you to try out. Expect popcorn like no other with Joe & Seph’s outstanding flavours. Our taste testing team couldn’t decide between their sweet our savoury popcorn, so selected the sensational caramel, pepper and chilli flavour.  Plus, we’ve got a pack from their Tipsy range for you to try out, too. 


The Tasting Notes

Whether you’re a novice or call yourself a connoisseur, expect your taste buds to be taken on a journey of discovery with our new tasting notes. You’ll get to experience what Taste Club is truly about. Just like a chef only uses ingredients that complement one another to create a dish, flavour notes and botanicals within drinks work with certain mixers and garnishes. But what aromas will you sense and what flavours will your palate pick up?  


Virtual Tasting Experience 

Our very own taste bud teacher – and food and drink journalist Georga – has been running Spirit Schools and tasting sessions at food and drink festivals (and swanky hotels) up and down the UK for years. Now we’re virtually transporting her to your homes  –  where you can sit back, relax, press play (and pause for more snacks!) and be taken on an inspirational journey. She’ll teach you all about our selected spirits, their flavours, how to pour the perfect serves and what garnishes work wonderfully with this spirit. It’s fun, knowledgeable and we guarantee it offers a good time. Warning, it may come with a slight hangover! Available for £5 with the purchase of this box, instead of £15.