Rum Box: The Holy Island Original Edition

 What’s in the box?


○ A full bottle of craft rum. This edition we’re bringing you Holy Island’s Original Rum.
○ Two bottles of perfectly paired mixers. Fever-Tree’s Ginger Ale goes amazing with the flavour of this rum.
○ Snacks from amazing snack producers. The Drinks Bakery create unique savoury snacks that are expertly flavour profiled to match with drinks from around the world. You’ll also receive a packet of luxury Brown Bag Crisps.


The Rum

One 70cl bottle of the Holy Island Rum

Distilled on Holy Island, this fantastic spirit brings you a beautiful caramel and nut aroma which added to the sweetness of dark sugar and treacle makes a fantastic rum.

The Mixers

Two bottles of Fever-Tree Tonic (200ml each) this time it’s their Premium Ginger Ale, which perfectly compliments the flavour notes of the Rum.


The Snacks

Brown Bag Crisps are a real treat, they explode with flavour and are produced in a sustainable manner. We also have the return of the amazing Drinks Biscuits by The Drinks Bakery.