Rum Box: The Harrogate Edition

 What’s in the box?


○ A full bottle of craft rum. In this edition, it’s Honey Harrogate Rum.
○ Two bottles of perfectly paired mixers. Fever-Tree’s Spiced Orange Ginger Ale goes amazing with the flavour of this rum.
○ Snacks from artisan brands and producers who put passion into their products. The Drinks Bakery create unique savoury snacks that are expertly flavour profiled to match with drinks from around the world. You’ll also receive a packet of luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire Crisps.
○ Our Tasty Bites & Cocktails leaflet giving you your perfect serve and an amazing snck recipe.
○ A 100-page copy of Savour Magazine, featuring more recipes.


The Rum

One 70cl bottle of the amazing Honey Harrogate Rum. 

Using locally sourced Yorkshire blossom honey and Harrogate Spirng Water creates a beautiful Yorkshire-born Rum.

The Rum infuses hibiscus, cherry, vanilla, smokes oak and of course the honey to create a deep and smooth rum of true distinctions. 

It’s a perfect rum for sipping neat over ice, mixing with a high quality ginger ale or even dashing into a coffee or hot chocolate. 


The Mixers

Two bottles of Fever-Tree Tonic (200ml each).

Fever-Tree tonics need no introduction. This globally-recognised brand makes marvellous mixers and our mixologists are in a muddle.

We’re giving you a special variation of Ginger Ale from Fever-Tree’s award winning range of flavours. Their Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, the sweetness or the orange and the spice of the ginger pair perfectly with the flavours in this rum.

Once you have finished your mixers, why not try a dash in an evening coffee or hot chocolate!


The Snacks

Behold The Drinks Bakery Biscuits – a delightful range of biscuits that pair with alcohol. We bring you one of their award-winning flavours that will go amazingly with your Rum. 

Plus, luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire Crisps to help take your snacking up a level. Each potato is graded, washed then thinly sliced – and the skin is kept on making them extra crispy. We know you’re going to love them. 

You’ll also find a magnificent Garden of Eden tea by Quinteassential – a delightful union of black tea and green tea with floral and peach notes.

A bowl of delicious Spicy Sausages

The Recipe Card

Get ready for cocktail o’clock. The Tasty Bites & Cocktails booklet will take care of your drink serve and your snacks.

The snack recipes won’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to make. They’re tried and tested, quick, fuss-free and super delicious.


Great Find

Everyone loves a surprise and our great finds are always something that have blown us away. In every edition of the box, you’ll receive a great find – something we love that we want you to try too.

This time, The Cheeky Little Kitchen brings you their do it yourself Pork Crackling, simply fry the pieces in oil and add the delicious sprinkle to taste afterwards.

Savour Magazine – Issue 11

And There’s More …

Every edition we will also be teaming up with Savour Magazine – the UK’s best food, drink and travel magazine. Tuck into tasty features from chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists and food producers and make even more food and drink recipes at home.