Quinteassential founder, Bernadine Tay

Quinteassential founder, Bernadine Tay

Making tea should be a ritual; a moment of mindfulness. London tea designer, and Quinteassential founder, Bernadine Tay takes people on a sensory exploration of tea.

“Tea is drunk in so many different countries and each culture has its own unique type and ritual. Tea connects us all. If you know how someone from a different county takes their tea, you’re more likely to make a stronger connection with them.”

Bernadine’s ethos is to get people to experience tea in a new way and she brings her blends to life with aromas, tastes, colours and sounds that evoke memories and dreams.

Her Cleanse tea is a nod to the cleansing rituals of Morocco’s ornate bathhouses. Inspired by the best chai, Cleanse is designed to calm the senses with comforting cardamom and uplifting ginger that mingle with malt seeds, dates and cacao beans for a truly warming cup.