Cheeky Little Kitchen – Piña Colada Ice Cream Gift Box


A Coconut, Pineapple & Rum Ice Cream Recipe Mix with a sparkling pineapple crunch and a tropical fruit & rum sauce.

Cocktails and Ice Cream – now that’s the kind of combination we like! This fabulous little number combines a rich coconut and rum ice cream and fresh, zingy pineapple juice. Add a final flourish with sparkling pineapple powder and a tropical fruit sauce brought to life with a splash of rum. Might like to save this one for the over 18’s!

Your gift box contains:
- 136g Indulgent, Fuss-Free Ice Cream Base Mix (Makes 1 litre)
- 30g Coconut Flavour Paste
- 9g Pina Colada Power Boost
- 20g Pineapple Powder (Best Bits)
- 50g Sparkling Pineapple Toppings
- 40g Tropical Fruit & Rum Topping Sauce
- 2 Ice Cream Freezer Tubs
- 6 Ice Cream Serving Tubs
- 6 Wooden Ice Cream Sticks