Merchant’s Heart

Merchant's Heart mixologist Diego Cabrera

Mixologist Diego Cabrera, one of the makers of Merchant’s Heart

In 1899, Shinjiro Torii had a vision: he wanted to bring western drinking experiences to his native Japan. His brand, Suntory – which is now the world’s third largest drinks company – is a global leader in beverages.

Merchant’s Heart follows the same ethos of offering ‘exceptional drinking experiences’ and Suntory set out to create a mixer that transformed the premium tonics category.

A state-of-the-art drinks laboratory was set up in Madrid, and a small ministry of the best bartenders in the business was formed. It included Tom Soden, co-owner of Nine Lives, the Lion & Lamb and the Gunmaker pubs in London; bartender and entrepreneur Diego Cabrera, who has revolutionized Madrid’s cocktail scene and Ali Reynolds, who’s scooped a number of awards for his work, including Diageo World Class UK Bartender.

The bartenders’ job was to test, scrutinize and perfect the formulas, re-imagine the mixer and craft tonics and sodas that allow the flavour of the spirit to shine through.

Every favour in the collection is designed to perfectly complement premium spirits, and elevate drink making and drinking to a whole new level of enjoyment. And we at Taste Club, wouldn’t have it any other way!