Harrogate Tipple


Steve and Sally Green of Harrogate Tipple.

Harrogate Tipple was an idea born out of a filmmaking trip to Russia when Steven ordered a bottle of water at a bar in Moscow and received Harrogate Spring Water; a taste of back home, a lightbulb moment occurred. From then on he knew he wanted to create a spirit using Harrogate Spring Water. Steven had previously spent a year making a film with Bacradi where he filmed the historic art of distilling and Sally always loved a G&T!

Harrogate Tipple was born – and after Steven and Sally recruited Tom Nichol as master distiller (former master distiller at Tanqueray) they were onto a winning recipe.

The distillery is based in the historic Ripley Castle Estate and all of the key ingredients are sourced locally, with a lot of the botanicals being foraged in the historic gardens of the estate.

They claim to be purveyors of premium spirits and their product “otterly marvellous” – we certainly agree, and we’re sure you will too.

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