Gin Box: The Knut Hansen Edition

 What’s in the box?


○ A full bottle of craft gin. The amazing Knut Hansen distilled in Hamburg and is seriously good.
○ Two cans of Schweppes Indian Tonic, this mixer company needs no introduction and has been topping up our gins for many years.
○ Snacks from artisan brands and producers who put passion into their products. You’ll receive a packet of hand-cooked Brown Bag Crisps. Produced by a family-run business in Surrey, they’re produced using natural ingredients and they taste amazing. The Drinks Bakery create unique savoury snacks that are expertly flavour profiled to match with drinks from around the world.


The Gin

This gin pays homage to legendary sailor Knut Hansen from Hamburg. It’s 14 botanicals are all locally sourced in the area and the final product is one that is worthy of any Christmas treat.

With notes of apple, basil and a strong juniper presence you will not be disappointed.

The Mixers

Two cans of Scweppes Slimline Tonic Water, this classic mixer has been a staple of the Gin & Tonic in the UK for years, and we felt it was right to pair it with such a great gin. 


The Snacks

Brown Bag Crisps are a real treat, they explode with flavour and are produced in a sustainable manner. We also have the return of the amazing Drinks Biscuits by The Drinks Bakery.