Gin Box: The Hepple Edition

 What’s in the box?


○ A full bottle of craft gin. In this edition, it’s Hepple Gin.
○ Two bottles of perfectly paired mixers. Our mixologists have chosen Fever-Tree’s Cucumber and Refreshingly Light Tonic.
○ Snacks from artisan brands and producers who put passion into their products. The Drinks Bakery create unique savoury snacks that are expertly flavour profiled to match with drinks from around the world. Their Pecorino, Rosemary & Scottish Seaweed work wonderfully with gin. You’ll also receive a packet of luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire Crisps.
○ A recipe card from one of the UK’s leading chefs to pair with your drink. This edition it’s Michael Vanheste.
○ A cocktail card from our resident mixologists.

70cl Bottle of the award-winning high-fidelity Hepple Gin.

The Gin

One 70cl bottle of the award-winning high-fidelity Hepple Gin.

This juniper-forward gin is crafted using an intricate production method, which includes pot stills, vacuum distillation and a supercritical CO2 extraction process.  

On the nose is an immediate fresh scent of green apple, bright grapefruit and spicy juniper. This then opens up to reveal underlying notes of Douglas Fir, and fragrant blackcurrant.

On the palate, the initial fresh citrus flavours evolve into unexpected ripe cantaloupe melon, the spicy fragrant juniper continues to coat the taste buds. There is a luscious sweet mouthfeel, which is both juicy and quenching. 

Two bottles of Fever-Tree Tonic (200ml)

The Mixers

Two bottles of Fever-Tree Tonic (200ml).

Fever-Tree tonics need no introduction. This globally-recognised brand makes marvellous mixers and our mixologists have chosen two to pair perfectly with Hepple Gin.

Fever-Tree use naturally occurring fruit sugars to develop its lighter tonic water. The blending of subtle botanical flavours with spring water and highest-quality quinine gives it the distinctively clean, crisp character of Indian Tonic Water, but with 46% fewer calories. It’s the perfect way to let Hepple’s bold botanicals shine through.

Cucumber Tonic brings the total refreshment of cucumber with the complex sweet and bitter flavours of the Refreshingly Light Tonic Water. The result is a wonderfully balanced and crisp mixer, that works wonderfully with Hepple and is perfect for balmy summer days.

Hepple Gin Box luxury snacks – Drinks Biscuits and Yorkshire Crisps

The Snacks

Behold The Drinks Bakery Biscuits – a delightful range of biscuits that pair with alcohol. 

You will find one of their award winning flavours in the box to enjoy while you sip you’re amazing G&T.

Plus, luxury hand-cooked Yorkshire Crisps to help take your snacking up a level. Each potato is graded, washed then thinly sliced – and the skin is kept on making them extra crispy. We know you’re going to love them. 

Bowl of assorted nuts

The Recipe Card

Get ready for cocktail o’clock. The recipe card in the box features our perfect serving suggestion. Flip it over and you’ll also find an easy-to-make snack recipe from one of the UK’s top chefs. 

The snack recipes won’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to make. They’re tried and tested, quick, fuss-free and super delicious.