Corporate Gifts

Recent events have restricted the ways in which we would normally show our appreciation to those who are important to us. That is why we are offering our Taste Club boxes as Corporate Gifts – the perfect way to say Thank You or Well Done!

We know that a thoughtful gift rather than just money, goes a long way to being remembered or feel appreciated and a Taste Club box will make anyone feel special, especially when we will provide a hand-written card to each recipient.

What is a Taste Club Box?

Taste Club is an online community, which brings together lovers of great Food & Drink, together with some of the U.K.’s best Chefs, Food and Drink Producers and Influencers. We curate a fully-tested selection of Spirits, Mixers, Packed Snacks and original recipes from Chefs & Mixologists, along with ‘Great Finds’ which are samples of Food brands that we think everyone should try.

Lots of our boxes are bought by individuals as gifts for loved-ones after they have bought for themselves, so we know they really love quality products we offer.

Can it be customised?

Yes, for corporate buyers, we can discuss additions to the box and we will also include your corporate literature, for volume orders.

How many do I have to buy?

You can buy as little as 1 box if you are just looking for a special treat for a client or employee. However, for volume orders of 10+ we can discuss a discounted rate for the boxes.

With the Christmas planning season fast-approaching, this year will be the hardest to plan yet and we know that many of you are nervous about even considering any sort of party, so why not organise a Taste Club box, personalised to your VIP clients or Employees.

See below images of our current four boxes for sale for an idea of what you will receive. Click here to view our spirit boxes section for more detail.


You can choose from Gin, Rum or Vodka-based boxes, along with add-ons if you wish. We will also have Christmas sampler packs and Gift Vouchers to let them choose which box they prefer.

Please email: to discuss.