Adam and George, founders of Belazu

Adam and George

Flavour forward brand Belazu is the brainchild of school friends Adam and George.

Little did they know that in 1979, when they were allocated to share a desk at secondary school, would they become lifelong friends and business partners.

They first established the Fresh Olive Company, selling olives they found during a trip to Provence, to chefs eager to get their hands on them – including Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir.

Keen to expand the range, George and his mum set off around Europe for exciting new ingredients. On their travels they find outstanding olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pesto.

As well as producing ranges for chefs and restaurants around the world, the friends launched a home-range into Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in 2000.

Their range focuses on the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ingredients, with snacks and nuts, olives and unique grains.