Amant Pablo Avinash

Amant Pablo Avinash, bar supervisor at Pleased To Meet You
Sun To Me Top by Amant Pablo Avinash
Amant Pablo Avinash mixologist

He’s bar supervisor at Pleased To Meet You – a cocktail and gin bar in Newcastle. We’re pleased to introduce you to Amant Pablo Avinash.

“When it comes to making drinks, I don’t have a set formula, I tend to be quite sporadic,” said Amant Pablo Avinash.
“I usually endeavor to make a new drink if I come across an ingredient that I haven’t used before or a technique I have not tried,” said Amant, who’s first role as a bartender was during his third year of studying Computer Science at Northumbria University.
“I worked at Mimos | Metropolis (now the Green Man | Mimo Metropolis) and it was a student dive bar which specialised in slinging trebs, as well as having a tiki themed cocktail menu.
“Although considered a bit of a grimy student bar, learning here was great: it was a fast-paced service that can be hard to pick up at other venues.”

Although Amant initially started off work in Mimos as a source of income, he quickly fell in love with the work.
“Working behind the bar really helped me break out my shell and become a more confident person, in my day-to-day life. Now I look forward to meeting new people every day, which further fuels my passion for the job.”
Amant says he prefers to work with strong, savoury flavours as opposed to more delicate, floral or sweet ones.
“Strong and savoury is the type of drink that I’d order at a bar. It’s always the bold and unusual that catch my eye when it comes to cocktails, beers and wines.
“However. I have found that using these extreme flavours can results in a very divided opinion of the drink. Not everyone is going to enjoy habanero chilies in their cocktails like I do!”

Tasty Drink has got to be a Bloody Mary – my absolute favourite cocktail. It matches up perfectly with my favourite flavours to work with and is incredibly versatile. For a lot of people, they like their favourite cocktail to be made in a very specific way however for a bloody Mary I actually enjoy trying so many different variations.

Tasty Snack It’d be very hard to just select one snack, as my favourites are a number of Indian street food dishes – such as Pani Puri or Golgappa. This consists of a small hollow puri (mini deep fried crepe) filled with a mixture of potatoes, chilli, onions, chaat masala, tamarind chutney and pain (a spicy flavoured water).

Tasty Restaurant Ury, on the Newcastle Quayside. I was born in Bangalore, in the South of India, and I can truly say Ury cook up some of the most authentic South Indian food I’ve had outside of India (or my mum’s kitchen). If you ever get the chance, I would recommend trying the Idivettu Irachi Vatichathu with some appam.

Tasty Experience Two years ago I got an opportunity to dine at House of Tides on the Quayside, Newcastle, my first experience of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Without a doubt the food was exceptional, not to mention the service. It was also the first time I have had a tasting menu at a restaurant, which was an experience within itself. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but my favourite course was an accompaniment to the dessert, a croissant ice cream. The way in which the flavour of the pastry was combined into to the ice cream was other worldly, truly a unique experience.

Taste of Happiness Has to be friendship. I’m always happiest when I’m around my friends, and all of them mean the world to me.