Ali Castro

ali castro
Treacle Thyme by Calum Robb

He worked in bars across Europe before a fascination with the heritage of spirits has led Ali Castro to travel the world. “All my life I have always been intrigued about the history behind every single spirit and any other beverage. The different products regions have to offer and what people create with them, which to me, is a reflection of those parts of the world,” said Ali who started out his career in mixology in Pamplona, Spain working in an AA Rosette Restaurant. “Passionate about a career in hospitality, I decided to learn even more and took on the challenge of moving to the UK.”

Ali’s first role was in Sheffield, where he was selective about the places he wanted to work. “Cubanahas got one of the best rum collections in the whole of the UK, and it has a great vibes and style.”

Ali’s now bar manager for The Halston Group Hotel, in Carlisle. “Getting to know people, the adrenaline, the unknown–there’s no script to it as every single day is completely different. “I love locally–sourced products and having grown up back in Ecuador, on South America’s West Coast – a country full of colour – I like to create drinks that tell a story, that create a memory you will always want to go back to.”

Tastiest Drink I love a Caipirinha which is made with the Brazilian equivalent to rum called cachaça, fresh lime juice and gomme. It’s such a refreshing and simple drink to make but so complex at the same time.

Tastiest Snack I do love a nice cheese board paired with a nice bottle of Port.

Tastiest Restaurant Bellevue Restaurant in Prague – the best gourmet experience I have had.

Tastiest experience Bugsy’s Bar, also in Prague – a cocktail and Cuban cigar bar. Definitely.

Taste of Happiness To me happiness translates as pleasurable moments – and nothing makes me happier than having a nice concoction carefully and perfectly paired with my meal. That is happiness.