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Meet Adam Handling
Beautiful food presentation by Adam Handling
Adam Handling at work
Interenal shot of Adam Handling's Covent Garden restaurant
Cadogans by Adam Handling

He runs five restaurants and bars and has just launched HAME, a new food delivery service so people can enjoy the restaurant experience at home. Meet Adam Handling.

“It’s gone absolutely crazy. It’s nuts. We smashed 1000 orders yesterday and were in the resuarant until 3am making everything,” said Adam, who’s talking about his new venture.

HAME (the Scottish word for home) is a home delivery service with a menu that features Adam’s most loved dishes from his restaurants, The Frog Hoxton, Frog by Adam Handling and Adam Handling Chelsea, and a few that he has developed whilst cooking at home during lockdown. “HAME is all about what we’re missing, the s**t takeaway food, KFC and beef wellington on a Sunday.

“KFC has been closed so I decided to do a fried chicken with caviar on the menu. Our menus always reflect what we’re feeling at the time, and in a selfish way, we change the menu to what we want, how we’re felling – but people respect that. Our menus at the restaurants are an interpretation of the team,” said Adam.

You can expect to see Cheese Doughnuts; Nanny Sophie’s Fried Chicken; Whole lobster, carrot, lemongrass, and – for family sharing – you can opt for a whole Beef Wellington with clotted cream mash, spring greens, and roast carrots.

Rather than providing hot dishes, the food from HAME will arrive chilled and fully prepared, ready for cooking and plating at home, complete with recipes and full step-by-step video instructions.

“We’ve got to adapt,” said Adam, and this is another avenue for us. Although he also says he’s sticking to his philosophy, which is to “represent yourself” and “do what you love”. “If we don’t ‘feel it’ it doesn’t go on the menu.”

HAME is available for delivery in London Fridays to Sundays with 48 hours’ notice, and orders for outside London must be given by Wednesday midnight for delivery on Fridays. Orders can be made here

Tasty snack? Cheese doughnuts.

Tasty drink? Manhattan, I absolutely love them.

Tasty restaurant? The Greenhouse in Mayfair. I follow the chef, Alex [Dillon] so when he left Hélène Darroze I thought I’d try it. Holy s**t, it blew my mind. It’s proper sexy food. The best I have had in my life. I’ve been nine times since.

Tasty cocktail bar? Eve Bar, London.

Tasty experience? When I was doing street food in Asia, which is the complete other scale to what I’m doing in the UK. The food there is aromatic, light, zingy, salty. It was about 10 year ago

Taste of happiness? Eating a KFC in my house. Trousers off. Apron on so I don’t get grease everywhere, a bottle of bubbly and some s**t TV.

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