Adam Byatt

Chef, restaurateur, food writer, TV presenter and mentor. Adam Byatt has many strings to his apron.

He’s been spending lockdown in his Sussex home with wife Vicki and their children, Jack, 16, Rosie, 11 and 15-week old Weimaraner pup, Skye.

“She’s so cool. It’s been a crazy time and we’re hoping to get back up and running in London again soon, but we’ll see,” said Adam, who owns four restaurants in Clapham, London, including the Michelin-starred Trinity.

“It’s our pinnacle restaurant. I’m classically French trained and there’s a certain level we uphold at Trinity. It’s nothing like Upstairs [a casual restaurant named Upstairs and above Trinity]. There we do barbecue style food, with everything cooked over coals, the music is on and it’s really vibey.”

Adam also runs Bistro Union and Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel.

“I’m really missing our turbot dish with oxidised white Burgundy. You just can’t recreate that at home. I’m used to tasting food all day. It’s weird not doing that.”

Tasty snack? Deep fried olives with a side of anchovies.

Tasty drink? I’m partial to a Negroni but as soon as I have three, that’s it, it’s game on and I want more. Or, red Vermouth, soda and the pickle liquor from green olives is amazing. I can have more than three and I’m still standing

Tasty restaurant? Sabor London.

Tasty experience? Agro Turismo in Amalfi, Italy. I took my daughter and we worked there, cooking, making ricotta, picking Amalfi lemons. We were literally immersed in a food experience.

Taste of happiness? A meal at home with family and friends, in the summertime. Late nights, doors open, laughing, eating. That’s my kind of vibe.